Software Jobs in One of the Major IT Destinations All Across the Globe

The software industry of India aggregated revenues of US $100 billion in 2012, where export and domestic revenue stood at US $69.1 billion and US $ 31.7 billion respectively, growing by over 9%. These figures are the evidence of India’s major role in software development, the software industry as of now employs 2.5 million IT professionals and is considered to be one of the major IT destinations all across the globe. All of this was made possible through liberalization of Indian economy, when the gates of the economy were opened for various international software brands to establish operations in India.

The cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, shareit for pc Trivandrum, Noida, Mumbai and Pune; account for nearly 90% of the software exports from India. And these are some of the major cities where one can look for software jobs, as a variety of domestic and international software companies are located here. Even the Indian government catalyzed the mushrooming of software companies by establishing Software Technology Parks Of India, across major cities and provided satellite links to the companies in order to transmit work done in India to the clients abroad.

The emergence of India as a major software destination is the fact that, Indians fared well in science, technology, engineering and management; which led to the influx of software development projects in the country, thereby leading to creation of software jobs. Being a constant process, there is no dearth of software jobs in India.

One can choose to work in the development domain of software jobs also in the testing domain. Software development requires a comprehensive arsenal of programming skills and testing requires the know-how of testing procedures and methodologies. Another popular profile in software jobs is that of a software engineer, and the responsibilities include investigating current applications, liaising with users, producing specifications, costing, making proposals, handling support and feedback.

However, as a software professional one needs to keep his or her skills constantly updated and acquire new skills, or if any new language is introduced, they need to acquaint themselves to it, which would ensure that they are employable throughout their career. And periodic acquisitions of skills; is a reflection of a professional’s attitude towards the upliftment of their career. The constant updating of skills is of vital importance for each and every software professional.

In a nutshell, the scope of software professionals in India and abroad is equally bright and long-standing as the human dependency on technology is increasing each day and to support this software professionals are always in demand to undertake the processes which contribute to the advancement of technology. One can find such jobs all over the internet, however, to land with a suitable job one needs an expert level of skills in software development as well as persistence and commitment when it comes to job search.

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