How to Choose the Right Office Refurbishment Company

If you’re thinking about an office refurbishment, then perhaps you’ve already decided on what you need, and who’s going to do the work for you. If, however, you’re not sure what you need, or what to expect, then here’s what you need to know.

1. It’s important to work out why you want an office refurbishment. Perhaps you’re moving to new premises and need to change the layout from the way the previous tenants had it, or are staying where you are, and want to make more space, or want the layout to help make your staff more productive.

2. It’s essential that the company you choose office refurbishment company understand what you need and what you want from your office refurbishment, so that you get the workspace you need.

3. The company you choose will need to have experience with working with companies like yours, and in similar buildings, so that they can help you get exactly the workspace you need.

4. Why not see if they have case studies that you can browse, so you know who they have worked with, and what they have done?

5. It’s also important that the designs they offer you, are actually suitable for your office, and for your staff. Some staff or departments might have specific requirements, which will need to be factored in. Also, some elements of the design, such as furniture, might be much more important than others, and so might be worth spending more time and money on.

6. It’s important that the commercial fit out company you choose communicates with you regularly and often. You don’t want to be left in the dark over problems or delays, and will want to know when you can use your new office.

7. Whichever company you choose, you’ll need a dedicated project manager to keep you informed of what’s going on, you’ve got a business to run, and won’t want to chase up builders, designers furniture companies,or anybody else for that matter.

8. Will the company be able to work at times that are suitable for your business? You won’t want to be disrupted any more than you have to be. It might be that you can’t carry on as normal, and might need to make different arrangements so you can still work during the office refurbishment.

9. You’ll need to establish the timescale for your office refurbishment, so that you know how long it will take, and what contingency plans you’ll need to make. You might want to allow some staff to work from home, reduce some of the services you offer, or need to rent additional premises until your office refurbishment is complete

10. You’ll need to make sure that the office refurbishment company you choose are aware of your budget, and keep you aware of any rising costs, and areas where costs can be cut. Although you won’t want to choose your commercial fit out company solely on cost, you will have to stick to your budget and not get carried away.


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